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Posts in the Running the Business category discuss the less-fun but necessary part of being a PrivateLabelPreneur. Think record keeping, sales tax, etc.

Amazon Shipping Fees Can Bite You Twice

Oops. I'm Undercharging For Shipping! I feel kind of stupid writing this post. Why? Because I've been selling on Amazon for over two years and I just now discovered that Amazon charges a "shipping commission" on FBM sales (Fulfillment by Merchant). Yep, that's right. When you buy your shipping ...

How I Kicked a Hijacker Off My Amazon Listing

How I Kicked a Hijacker Off My Amazon Listing As you build your business, you'll find that you also have to protect it. One of the beauties of private labeling is that you can create listings on Amazon and be the only seller. It's your brand, your product. That is until someone starts tromping ...

A Record Keeping System That Keeps Me Sane!

Without an easy record keeping system tax time will make you nuts! If you know much about me, you know I started selling online using retail arbitrage (RA) in 2014. To say the least you collect a gazillion receipts and I had no record keeping system to speak of. As the end of the year approached, ...