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Under the Progress Updates category I reveal how I’m doing with my private-label business and niche websites.

May and June 2016 Progress Update

Things are Moving in the Right Direction! It's crazy how fast the time flies by. I missed giving you an update for May so I'm including both months in this update. I'm happy to say that May and June were better than I expected. But, with that said I'm a long way from being profitable. ...

March 2016 Progress Update

Q1 2016 is in The Books! Wow, I can hardly believe that we're a quarter of the way through 2016. I feel way behind! But I have a lot in the works that I hope will help me turn the corner on achieving my 2016 goals. Without further ado, here's my March progress update. Image ...

January 2016 Progress Update

Focused and Steady Wins the Race! So January has come to a close and now it's time to see how I'm doing on achieving my 2016 goals.  To sum it up, progress is slow, but the goal is still achievable. How? By staying focused and making steady progress I believe I can with the race! Image ...

Welcome to PrivateLabelPreneur!

Welcome to PrivateLabelPreneur! It's an exciting day here in the corner of my kitchen. That's where I sit to operate my business when we're not traveling in our motorhome. Why is today so exciting you ask? Well, it's because this is the day that goes live! As you'll read ...