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The posts you’ll find under the Product Research category will help you identify profitable products for private labeling under your niche.

Print on Demand Products — A Private Label Option

I'm Testing Print on Demand Products for Profitability Why test print on demand products, you ask? Because one thing I've learned on my journey as a private labeler is that inventory management and cash flow can be a challenge; sometimes you run out of inventory and other times you've got ...

How I’m Preparing for the ASD Trade Show in Las Vegas

The ASD Trade Show is Coming, Let's Get Prepared! I'm so excited because I'm heading off to the ASD trade show coming up the end of February. This is touted as one of the best trade shows for sourcing products to sell online. Here's a short video clip to give you a taste of what you'll see. ...

Product Profitability — Evaluation Test: Step 3

Product Profitability is Critical to Your Success If you've been following along in this post sequence, you've identified your niche, moved through the first two steps in our 3-step product evaluation test and found some products that look promising. Now we just have to test for product ...