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Under the Product Manufacturing category, I share my experience with how to choose a manufacturer, obtaining samples and shipping products to your location or to Amazon’s warehouses.

9 Expert Tips To Mastering International Freight

Mastering International Freight Doesn't Have to be a Train Wreck! International trade has opened up a world of opportunity for entrepreneurs. But as incredible as global sourcing and importing can be for a business owner, it can also get complicated. Even for the seasoned eCommerce seller, ...

10 Tips For Running a Successful 99designs Contest

10 Tips For Running a Successful 99designs Contest I'm a huge fan of 99designs contests. Why? Because I love art but can't draw a stick figure to save my life! In fact, I think art is a brilliant way to differentiate yourself and your product from the rest of the pack. 99designs is a ...

Print on Demand Products — A Private Label Option

I'm Testing Print on Demand Products for Profitability Why test print on demand products, you ask? Because one thing I've learned on my journey as a private labeler is that inventory management and cash flow can be a challenge; sometimes you run out of inventory and other times you've got ...