Category: Niche Site #1

Niche Site #1 is a project where I’m testing the combination of an authority site that also sells branded products (also known as private labeled products). I’ll share what I’m doing, whether it’s successful and what changes I’m making to refine my results. The posts you find on this page chronicle that journey.

April 2016 Progress Update

More is Going Out Than Coming In...For Now! It's time for the April 2016 progress update. Often times when building a business (or two or three), it feels like the cash reservoir is getting dangerously low. And in fact, it might be. In my case, I've been adding projects to my roster and each one ...

Niche Site #1 Has Achieved Liftoff!

My New Project has Launched: Niche Site #1 I've been working on this project for months and hinting around about it here on PrivateLabelPreneur. I'm finally ready to share the project with you but not by name; we'll refer to it as Niche Site #1. I may reveal the name in the future, but I want ...