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If you’ve landed on this pagAmazon Seller Consultant Services | Ree Klein | www.PrivateLabelPreneur.come, it’s very likely that you are looking for a little help. Perhaps you are interested in selling on Amazon or you’re already selling but need some help here and there. If that sounds like you, my á la carte Amazon seller consultant services might be a perfect fit.

I believe in giving you help with what you need, when you need it.

Most consultant services are either super pricey or seem to want to take over running your business for you. Some want a cut of your sales, which can turn a profitable product into a dud. Some won’t even show their prices on their website.

That’s not me.

In fact, on this page you’ll find my services list and the pricing. Transparent. Easy. You choose what you need/want and can estimate what it will cost before you even reach out to me. No surprises.

I don’t ask for a cut of your revenue because it’s hard enough to turn a profit with Amazon taking such a large chunk of your sales.

I’m not selling a course, either.

If you’re tired of buying online courses that promise to teach you everything you need to know to be successful as an Amazon seller, that’s not what I’m about.

My work is with you. One-on-one. You have a goal; we work together to make it happen.

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Amazon Seller Consultant Services List

I base my services on an hourly rate of $50/hour and charge in 1/2 hour increments. Many projects can be accomplished in less than two hours.

Services ListRateAverage Hours
Initial 30-minute consulting callFree!!!.5
Product profitability testing$50/hr.5-2
Keyword research for Amazon products$50/hr1-2
Keyword research for authority sites$50/hr1-2
Amazon listing image coaching$50/hr.5-1
Write or rewrite Amazon product listing copy (single product or variations)$50/hr1-5
Inventory template set up for multiple or variation listings$50/hr.5-2
Post sale e-mails (strategy and copy)$50/hr1-5
Amazon seller troubleshooting$50/hrVaries
Weekly or monthly coaching calls$50/hr1 / session

What I don’t Offer

Before we dig into the details of the services I offer, let me be clear about what I don’t offer. I don’t provide:

  • Tax advice
  • Legal advice
  • Accounting advice
  • International selling services
  • Ebay selling services

What I do Offer

A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Amazon Seller Consultant Services | Satisfaction Guaranteed | www.PrivateLabelPreneur.comI want you to be happy with what you get from me. Because of that, I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for any and all of my Amazon seller consultant services. No questions asked. If you’re not happy for any reason, I’ll make it right even if that takes a full refund.

So you see, you can’t go wrong. If you’re feeling stuck, hiring me might be just what you need to move forward. It’s risk-free to give me a try.

Now, with all that covered, let me go into each service in more detail so you have a better idea of why getting these things right is important.

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Initial 30-minute Consulting Call

If you think you might benefit from my help, let’s jump on a 30-minute Skype or phone call to find out if we might be a good fit. You can tell me about your needs, problems and/or goals and we can go from there to put together a project. There’s nothing to lose but 30 minutes of your time.

Here are some of the characteristics of people who I’ve worked with in the past. They:

  • Can’t think of anything to sell.
  • Are worried whether a product idea will be profitable.
  • Don’t know where to find a manufacturer they can trust.
  • Don’t know if they should create a brand or how to go about it.
  • Don’t know if they should have a website or where to start to build one.
  • Hate writing or don’t feel they are very good at it.
  • Don’t know how to get their Amazon listing discovered by shoppers.
  • Don’t want to buy the tools/services necessary to identify valuable keywords.
  • Don’t know how to create a variation or parent/child relationship for products.
  • Aren’t comfortable working with Amazon’s Inventory Templates to create or update listings.
  • Struggle with getting product reviews and seller feedback.
  • Feel like they are in it alone and would like someone to help them stay on track and make progress.

If any of these characteristics resonate with where you feel you are today, don’t hesitate to schedule a call. It won’t take long for you to determine if working together will make sense.

I welcome the opportunity to speak with you. You can book your free consultation right now through my handy online scheduler!


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Product Profitability Testing

Product selection and figuring out if there is enough “meat on the bone” for you to make a profit can be difficult. You don’t want to put in all the hard work it takes to build this business only to find out you’ve been working for free!

There are a lot of factors that go into product selection and profitability testing, such as:

  • Should you focus on a specific niche or just look for a profitable product?
  • Is the market viable? Will enough people be looking for this product?
  • Which products are best for selling via Amazon FBA? What should be avoided?
  • What about retail arbitrage? Can that be profitable?
  • What about private labeling? How to differentiate products from other sellers.
  • What about the other Amazon sellers? Can I compete?
  • How much can I make after all costs?
  • Should I go big and take a loan to purchase inventory?

These and so many more questions can be a major roadblock for many aspiring sellers. This is an area where I can help. I’ve used the retail arbitrage method, created my own product (private labeled) and purchased inventory from wholesalers. Each has it’s advantages and disadvantages and it boils down to what method best fits your personality and skills.

Here are some related posts I’ve written that may be enough to get you past this part. If you’d like some one-on-one coaching, please contact me and we can schedule a call.

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Keyword Research for Amazon Products

Keyword research is a critical skill for selling on Amazon. Getting it right assists in niche and product selection but it also determines whether or not customers find your product. To be effective and efficient at researching relevant, low-competition keywords it’s best to take advantage of many of the tools available.

Some of the tools, like MerchantWords and SEMrush, have a monthly or annual subscription fee. Others, like Ubersuggest, are free. Each tool is unique and provides different insight into niche-specific jargon, common search words and phrases, and the volume of searches.

I use a combination of these tools to find and evaluate keywords. You can find the tools I use along with a description on my Resources page.

Here are a few reasons why hiring me to do your keyword research could be beneficial:

  • I already pay for and know how to use these tools. Hiring me for occasional keyword research can be cost effective since you won’t have the ongoing subscription costs,  you don’t need to spend your valuable time learning how to use the tools and you won’t have to build the spreadsheet to properly analyze the data.
  • My deliverable to you is a spreadsheet listing keywords that Amazon buyers are using to find products similar to yours. The list will already be filtered to highlight the keywords most likely to be profitable. Use these keywords to build or update your listing title, features, description and back-end search terms. They can also be used as keywords in manual Amazon Sponsored Ads campaigns.

If you’re interested in hiring me to do your keyword research, please contact me and we can schedule a call.

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Keyword Research for Authority Sites

Authority sites, also known as niche sites, are a low-cost way to generate supplemental income. I’ve built some…in fact, PrivateLabelPreneur is just such a site! Many people build a simple website to make it through Amazon’s Brand Registry process.

Regardless of the reason for your decision to create an authority/niche site, keyword research is critical to getting your site and content found.

While similar to keyword research for Amazon listings, researching low-competition keywords for websites is a different animal. Here are some things to consider:

  • How often is a particular phrase used in web searches?
  • How competitive is the keyword? If it’s too competitive, you’ll never make it to page one of the search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Who exactly is your competition and can you beat them with better content?
  • Can you find longer-tail keywords that will make it easier to rank on page one?

I have my favorite tools for researching authority/niche site keywords: Longtail Pro and SEMrush. Both are fairly costly to maintain and require some skill to use.

Here are a few reasons why hiring me to do your keyword research could be beneficial:

  • I already pay for and know how to use these tools. Hiring me for occasional keyword research can be cost effective since you won’t have the ongoing subscription costs,  you don’t need to spend your valuable time learning how to use the tools and you won’t have to build the spreadsheet to properly analyze the data.
  • My deliverable to you is a spreadsheet listing low competition keywords for your niche. The list will already be filtered to highlight the keywords most likely to be profitable. Use these keywords to create unique content for your website and, if you are an Amazon or other affiliate, you can earn extra income by referring products to your readers.

If you’re interested in hiring me to do your authority/niche site keyword research, please contact me and we can schedule a call.

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Amazon Listing Image Coaching

Product images are a critical component of a profitable listing. I see this over and over and, quite frankly, have made these mistakes myself!

You may have a fantastic product, but if the images are shoddy, your sales will be, too. Here are some of the pitfalls when it comes to product images.Amazon Seller Consultant Services | Listing Images |

  • Images look like the seller is marketing a used product.
  • No white background on main image.
  • Images are too small and not zoomable.
  • Images don’t show the proper number the buyer will receive.
  • Only one image.
  • Images don’t show important features that may sway the buying decision one way or the other.

I’ve had returns because buyers didn’t realize that one of my products was collapsible. The bulleted features/benefits section mentioned this fact, but let’s face it: People don’t read! Once I added an image of the product in its collapsed form, I stopped getting returns for that reason.

I commonly get inquiries from readers about how to get good product images. You can hire professionals. I’ve used a local product photography company and paid around $250 for the shots. They were excellent and I do think they made a significant difference.

Fiverr has people who claim to specialize in this service. I tried one and was terribly disappointed. I think I paid around $150 for the package. There are most likely some really good photographers on Fiverr or UpWork but you have to find that needle in the haystack and it can be costly and time consuming.

Instead, I’ve learned how to use a light box, my iPhone and some free tools like, and Gimp to create very good images.

If you are not afraid of working on the computer and learning new tools, I can teach you how to get good-quality images. Feel free to contact me and we can schedule a call.

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Write or Rewrite Amazon Product Listings

If you hate writing or don’t have the patience, for heaven’s sake don’t just skate by and end up with a listing that looks like this!

Amazon Seller Consultant Services | Flag Listing |

While there are terrible issues with the photography, the written part of the listing isn’t doing this seller any favors either.

Your listing copy is crucial for helping buyers find your product and become motivated to click “add to cart.” Here are a few obvious problems with this listing:

  • The title is weak. It could be enhanced to include reasons why people would buy, which make use of good keywords. “Gifts for Boaters” might be a good keyword to add since approximately 7,100 people search Amazon for that string every month!
  • Features are nonexistent. Amazon lets you add five bullet points that help you sell your listing. This is a perfect place to state features and benefits, buying triggers like USA Made, etc.
  • The product description is beyond weak. Are you kidding? Polyester? Holy smokes, what a waste of an opportunity to sell this product.

If you can write but don’t know how to craft a solid product listing, Karon Thackston has a great ebook that’s easy to read and packed full of tips: Amazon Advantage: Product Listing Strategies to Boost Your Sales .

But, if you aren’t confident in your writing or don’t want to be bothered, reach out to me and we can discuss how I might be of service.

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Flat File Set Up for Variation Listings

If you have more than one product or you have a product with variations, Amazon has a process for uploading products into their system via a flat file. Amazon provides a category-specific template in an Excel file.

The template includes tabs that provide instructions, data definitions and examples. Once you master using these templates, it can make adding or updating products so much easier. I use them for most of my products.

For products with variations, such as a suitcase that comes in different colors, it can be beneficial to use the variation listing format. One key reason is that when a customer leaves a product review on one color it will show for all the other variations in the group.

In the example below, if each color variation was a different listing, some would have a few reviews and others may have none. By taking advantage of variation listings, your product reviews have a greater impact and buyers are able to see all the options from which to choose.

Amazon Seller Consultant Services | Variation Listing |

The process can be intimidating and Amazon changes the templates from time-to-time. If setting up a variation listing makes you want to run screaming, reach out and we’ll see how I can help.

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Post Sale E-mails

Getting product reviews and seller feedback is getting harder and harder these days. The reason is because Amazon has been cracking down on gray-hat tactics, like paying for reviews or giving away product in exchange for a glowing review.

If found violating the rules, you risk getting your account suspended or possibly even shut down.

One great way to get reviews is through tools like Feedback Genius. This is my tool of choice and it’s free if you send out fewer than 100 emails/month. That was fine for me early on and allowed me to test the product before upgrading to a paid subscription.

But more and more sellers are sending out emails to buyers and quite frankly, the response is getting worse and worse. Buyers are becoming desensitized to our pleas for their time.

You have to be more creative and thoughtful when communicating with buyers and asking for honest reviews/feedback.

I’m beginning to employ Karon Thackston’s strategy that she outlines in her new book: Review Advantage: Email Strategies for Getting Amazon Product Reviews (Legally!)

You may get all you need from her book, but if you need some help implementing ideas or drafting the copy, you can book some time on my calendar.

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Amazon Seller Troubleshooting

Things come up sometimes that are difficult to figure out. Like:

  • How to deal with a listing hijacker.
  • How to submit for Amazon’s Brand Registry.
  • Getting ungated in a gated category.
  • How to set up and manage Amazon Sponsored Ads.

It could be anything that is getting in your way of making progress. Feel free to schedule a call to see if I can help.

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Weekly or Monthly Coaching Calls

For many of us, we work alone. I do. I work in a corner of my kitchen (far too close to the pantry!).

Others are trying to build a business while still working a full-time job and raising a family.

Amazon Seller Consultant Services | www.PrivateLabelPreneur.comFamily and friends sometimes have a difficult time understanding why we have this burning desire to create an online business or bring products to market. To them it seems like a risky proposition that will take a long time to get off the ground and most likely end in failure.

It can get discouraging. And it’s easy to lose focus.

Having an accountability partner who understands what’s driving you can make all the difference. For some people paying for weekly or monthly coaching calls is like throwing in a lifeline. It keeps the momentum going.

If that kind of support would be helpful for you, we can structure the calls to best suit whatever you need. Here are some of the activities we can include in our calls:

  • Identifying what it is that you want from your business.
  • Goal setting for the year and breaking big goals down into monthly/weekly goals.
  • Status reporting.
  • Brainstorming niches/products.
  • Evaluating opportunities as they arise.
  • Identifying roadblocks and working out a strategy for overcoming them.

I’d love to be a part of your journey and help you succeed. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help.

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How My Background Might Serve You

I’ve been dedicated to creating a freedom lifestyle ever since I realized such a thing was possible back in 2012. I’ve evolved as I’ve learned and tried new models. When one path turns out to be a dead end, I use what I’ve learned to pivot and try a new product or a new business model.

This has been key to my own development and I believe it’s a defining attribute to those who achieve success.

I don’t believe in taking on debt to grow fast. So, I’m not going to encourage you to bet the farm, either.

I’ve shifted strategies enough to know that sinking your entire financial future into a business idea is like lighting the fuse on a time bomb.

I’d rather grow at a slow and steady pace and remain nimble enough to pivot when needed. However, I’m on track to grow revenue by nearly 70% this year when comparing Q1 2016 revenue to Q1 2017; not too shabby!

Here are some of my skills and history to help you understand me better and gain insight into how I may be able to help you.

  • I’m a skilled copywriter and have built online blogs starting in 2013
  • I’ve been selling on Amazon since early 2014
  • I’ve used various models to generate revenue: Retail Arbitrage, private labeling and sourcing via wholesale
  • I’ve built two trademarked brands
  • I run two approved Amazon seller accounts
  • I’ve successfully battled listing hijackers
  • I’ve created a proprietary product viability model for testing whether a product is worth pursuing
  • I’ve have helped numerous PrivateLabelPreneur readers when they reach out for advice
  • I’m a student in Steve Chou’s ecommerce course (which now costs $1,297)
  • I’m a student in Brian Johnson’s Sponsored Products Academy (a very expensive course on how to build effective ad campaigns on Amazon’s platform)
  • I participate in various eCommerce FB groups to stay on top of what’s happening on Amazon and with Print-on-Demand
  • I was approved for Merch by Amazon in 2016 and have been submitting my own designs and I’ve hired artists to create designs for me
  • I understand print-on-demand and use Printful to sell merchandise on my websites
  • I’ve used my “failures” as stepping stones to each success I’ve had along the way.

I believe that I can help you on your journey and maybe you can avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made and achieve success a bit faster.

How to Schedule Your Free 30-minute Consulting Call

If you believe any of my Amazon seller consultant services might be a good fit, don’t hesitate to set up a free 30-minute call.

Pick an open time on my calendar to schedule your free consultation now!



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